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2/∞  favorite celebrities

Luke Evans by Jason Hetherington

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Blaze the little trouble maker! He was just full of it!

Please visit my Facebook for a full album. +Likes are appreciated as well since it’s just getting started!

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I want you.

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“Shine your shoes, wipe your… face”

the best part of the entire franchise

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Our day at the zoo 😊 #chesterzoo #picoftheday #happy

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"You weren’t trying hard to present a certain aspect of yourself that would boldly identify you in the world. And that’s when it occurred to me how bizarre and positively ridiculous it was to apply the word “weird” to describe you, when you represented the most natural and unpretentious state possible to be; you were yourself.” - Evanna Lynch on Luna Lovegood

Happy 23rd Birthday, Evanna! (16th August, 1991)

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